Build Custom Training Programs In seconds

Without Wasting Time Trying to Make Tech Work

The B.O.X. Platform

Pelotero's "Builder of Exercises" Web-Based Application

1. Athlete Assessments

Gather player data through assessments. Pelotero instantly translates data to make it meaningful and actionable.

2. Athlete Priorities

Pelotero automatically creates athlete's priorities to determine what they need to be working on.

3. Custom Programs

Pelotero combines your assessment data and your priorities with Program Templates to build your Custom training in about 10 seconds..

B.O.X. Platform Features


Pelotero collects data through assessments. These assessments can be tech driven or simply web forms. They can also be video-based like the hip mobility test shown here.

When we collect data, we instantly apply coach knowledge. You don't have to revisit the data ever again. (Unless you want to.)

PeloteroAI - HitAI

Our camera-based motion capture, powered by 3MotionAI, combined with our custom formula builder, can complete automated video analysis.

Upload a video, get a complete video analysis and get a customized program in just a few minutes!

Off-Season Training Phases

Training Phases help athletes progress through an off-season. Each phase is 4-weeks and has a specific purpose.

Enter the dates for your season and Pelotero will instantly build your training phases.

Events - Tryouts, Camps & Clinics!

If you collect data at events, you can now create custom training plans for the attending athletes.

Data collected is treated as an assessment and event-specific reporting is included.

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In my mind, Pelotero is the greatest tool created for strength coaches. It takes the most tedious part of our job and does it in seconds. It frees up our time to be better coaches and leaders.

Brandon Janecka

True Grind Systems

Pelotero allows me to do all my in-house assessments and programming. I can send people home with plans for how to get better. It has cut down a ton of programming hours and we don't have to get into excel anymore.

Dustin Geiger

Nuclear Baseball Training

The more more actionable data

we have, the better. We're really excited be able to to work along alongside of you guys.

Jon Shehan

Millersville University, Hitting Approach

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