Pelotero Assessments

Make Athlete Data Actionable, Immediately

How Do Assessments Work?

With Pelotero, data collection isn't just putting numbers in a spreadsheet.

When you collect data in Pelotero, expert knowledge is instantly applied to the data. As soon as the data is in the system, you can program with it.

Old Assessments

  • Collect Athlete Data

  • Put Data On a Piece of Paper or Stick It In a Spreadsheet

  • Spend Hours Making the Date Meaningful

  • Really Difficult to Share Data with Athletes

  • No National Percentiles for Data

Pelotero Assessments

  • Collect Athlete Data

  • Enter Data Through Pelotero's Web App

  • Pelotero Instantly Translates Data

  • As Soon as Data Is Saved, You Can Program the Athlete

  • See Athlete's Percentiles for Different Metrics

Data Example: Swing Attack Angle

1. Data Entry

Hitter's Attack Angle is 25 degrees.

2. Data Translation

An Attack Angle of 25 degrees means the swing very steep upward.

Pelotero applies this translation automatically.

3. Data Meaning

A hitter who swings very upward will:

  • Swing and Miss under many pitches

  • Struggle on pitches up in the zone

  • Hit a lot of fly balls OR topspin the ball frequently

4. Data Application

The hitter will get drills to:

  • Flatten the swing

  • Get on top of the ball

  • Think low line drives

Different Types of Assessments With Pelotero

Web Forms

Data entry can be as simple as a web form with text fields and check boxes.

When you collect data in Pelotero, we instantly apply coach knowledge. You don't have to revisit the data ever again. (Unless you want to.)

Assessments can also be customized to collect the data you want to collect and apply the expert knowledge you want to apply.

PeloteroAI - HitAI

Upload Slo-Mo video of a swing from your iPhone or iPad to Pelotero and it will be converted into over 140,000 data points. Click a button to complete automated analysis in seconds.

PeloteroAI - Hip IR/ER

Complete Range of Motion testing with a simple video of the activity. No more manual measurements or drawing angles on videos. Upload a video and the measurements are automated.

PeloteroAI - Vertical Jump

Vertical jump testing can be difficult. Whether it is expensive equipment or kids bending their legs to cheat the test.

With PeloteroAI, we measure the hip height of the athlete (based on the height of the athlete) so they can't cheat the test. Simply upload a video and the jump height is calculated automatically.

Pelotero x HitTrax

We co-developed a hitting assessment on HitTrax that breaks down how your swing performs throughout different areas of the strike zone.

In 15 minutes, you'll see how your swing performs with Accuracy, Swing Direction, Swing Plane, Bat Control, Exit Velocity and Power.

Other Sports Technology

Using other sports tech like force plates to measure athlete performance?

We can create custom assessments for you to quickly enter data so that data becomes actionable immediately for you.

Import Data

Need to bulk upload data? Pelotero can import your CSV data to save you tons of time with data entry.


In my mind, Pelotero is the greatest tool created for strength coaches. It takes the most tedious part of our job and does it in seconds. It frees up our time to be better coaches and leaders.

Brandon Janecka

True Grind Systems

Pelotero allows me to do all my in-house assessments and programming. I can send people home with plans for how to get better. It has cut down a ton of programming hours and we don't have to get into excel anymore.

Dustin Geiger

Nuclear Baseball Training

The more more actionable data we have, the better.

We're really excited be able to to work along alongside of you guys.

Jon Shehan

Millersville University

Hitting Approach

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