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How Do You Stand Out | Pelotero Pickle Highlight

February 08, 20231 min read

How do you stand out among the competition at showcases?

This question was answered on a December episode of Pelotero Pickle by former MLB first baseman and outfielder Chris Colabello.

“You guys have to make yourself different in some other way because you can’t make yourself 6’9”, you can’t make yourself throw 95 overnight, so you have to stand out differently… If you watch a BP at the amateur level, they’re not many guys going line to line hitting BP. You want to be different? Do that.”

The best hitters at these events show good barrel control, drive balls to all fields, and have a solid approach. Coaches are used to seeing older and stronger athletes. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to impress with power!

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In my mind, Pelotero is the greatest tool created for strength coaches. It takes the most tedious part of our job and does it in seconds. It frees up our time to be better coaches and leaders.

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Pelotero allows me to do all my in-house assessments and programming. I can send people home with plans for how to get better. It has cut down a ton of programming hours and we don't have to get into excel anymore.

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The more more actionable data we have, the better.

We're really excited be able to to work along alongside of you guys.

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