B.O.X. Platform

Build Custom Programs, Fast

Build A Custom Program While Taking a Sip of Coffee

What is the B.O.X. Platform?

B.O.X. stand for Builder of Exercises.

(To be honest, the name started as a Silicon Valley joke.)

B.O.X. is where Custom Programs are made.

Generate Programs in 3 Simple Steps

1. Select Athlete

2. Choose Program Template

3. Click "Generate Program"

Old Way to Program

  • Collect Athlete Data

  • Sit Down At Your Computer And Create Programs in Excel or Sheets

  • Spend 15-20 minutes per program

  • Create a PDF of the Program or Share Google Sheet

  • Send a Separate PDF with Drill/Exercise Videos

Program with B.O.X.

  • Collect Athlete Data

  • Select the Pre-Built Program Template

  • B.O.X. Generates Custom Program in Seconds

  • Programs Instantly Delivered to the Athlete

  • Exercise/Drill Videos are Automatically Linked In Program

How Much Time Will You Save?

We talk to coaches who are spending 15-20 minutes

building custom training plans for players.

If you are collecting data on players,

you can build them custom program with the click of a button.

If It Currently Takes You 15 Minutes to Create Player Programs:

20 Athletes per Month = Save 5 Hours a Month

40 Athletes per Month = Save 10 Hours a Month

60 Athletes per Month = Save 15 Hours a Month

80 Athletes per Month = Save 20 Hours a Month

100 Athletes per Month = Save 25 Hours a Month

If you are collecting data on players,

you can build them custom program with the click of a button.

B.O.X. Platform Features

Program Templates

For each exercise, the type of exercise is defined. Then the Athlete's Data chooses the right exercise.

This is truly data-driven programming.

Pelotero provides hundreds of "Stock" templates that we've created. We can also help you build your own Custom Program Templates.

Athlete Seasons

Program Templates are assigned to Training Phases. Enter the dates for your season and Pelotero will instantly build your training calendar.

Use Training Phases help athletes progress through their in-season and off-season training.

Exercise & Drill Database

The only thing better than having every exercise and drills is knowing which ones to use.

The B.O.X. Platform creates your program by searching through 700+ Hitting Drills and 1,500+ Exercises.

Organization Locker

Easily manage your Teams, Coaches and Athletes in the Organization Locker.

Unlimited Teams

Unlimited Athletes

Unlimited Coaches

Set Coach Permissions


In my mind, Pelotero is the greatest tool created for strength coaches. It takes the most tedious part of our job and does it in seconds. It frees up our time to be better coaches and leaders.

Brandon Janecka

True Grind Systems

Pelotero allows me to do all my in-house assessments and programming. I can send people home with plans for how to get better. It has cut down a ton of programming hours and we don't have to get into excel anymore.

Dustin Geiger

Nuclear Baseball Training

The more more actionable data we have, the better.

We're really excited be able to to work along alongside of you guys.

Jon Shehan

Millersville University

Hitting Approach

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