Our Story

Bobby Tewksbary was the teacher.

Chris Colabello was the student. 

After his playing career, Bobby opened a baseball training facility to help give back to the game he loved. He wanted to, “Give players everything he would want if he was starting his career over again.” 

Chris (Bobby’s former teammate) was stuck in the independent CanAm League - one of the lowest levels of professional baseball. 

After the 2010 off-season, Bobby called Chris to tell him he had found something. A video of Albert Pujols revealed secrets to the swing and Bobby wanted to teach it to Chris.

In 2011, Chris had his best season ever. The next off-season, after 6 years of independent ball, he was signed by the Minnesota Twins. Just 15 months later, Chris made his MLB Debut. 

Swing information had changed Chris’ life, but it also changed Bobby’s career. Word spread through clubhouses and soon Bobby was working with many pro players. 

A tipping point occurred in 2015. Chris was now with the Toronto Blue Jays and Bobby was working with Josh Donaldson. Before the All-Star break, Donaldson called Bobby to ask if he’d throw to him in the MLB Home Run Derby. Bobby went on national TV and threw BP during the Derby!

The next morning, Bobby woke up to 700+ emails asking for his services. This was a problem as there was no way he could handle this kind of volume. This was an overwhelming demand which he couldn’t out-work. He needed to find a solution. 

Bobby began evaluating every player development solution he could find so he could help more athletes. Ultimately, no solution existed and it became obvious that a custom solution was needed. This was the seed for Pelotero. We needed a software solution that integrated technology, created (and delivered) individualized player plans and tracked progress. That is what we built and what we deliver to coaches, facilities and teams!

Pelotero is all about player development, but it is much bigger than that. Pelotero is about making better decisions faster. Whether you are a coach who needs to win more games or a facility that needs to pay the bills, better player performance is the result we all after!


Bobby owned a baseball training facility for over a decade and has worked with thousands of players of all ages - including pitching to one of my clients in the MLB Home Run Derby.

Chris spent 7 years in Independent Baseball before finally breaking through to affiliated ball and reaching the Big Leagues. Chris played professionally for 15 years and had over 1,500 hits in his career.

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