Pelotero x Hitting Approach

Turn Your Game Data Into Game Results, Fast!

For over a year, Pelotero has been working with Hitting Approach to fix two of the biggest problems with in game data:

Problem #1: The dynamic between the hitter and pitcher isn’t getting tracked.

Game Data Doesn’t Look at Hitter Timing

Game Data Doesn’t Assess Hitter Accuracy

(Balls In Play are tracked poorly. Swing/Miss & Foul Balls are not tracked at all.)

The Whole Game Centers Around The Timing/Accuracy Dynamic

Hitters Work To Be On Time


Pitchers Try to Disrupt Timing

Hitters Try to Square the Ball Up


Pitchers Try to Avoid Hard Contact

Yet we Don’t Track This Data At All (Until Now)

And let’s take it a step further...

Critical Data Is Missing From Other Game Tracking Apps:

- Pitch Type

- Pitch Location

(How can you assess results without knowing this information??)

What Is Hitting Approach?

Hitting Approach is an iOS App that allows you to track all of your games with all of this critical data.

  • Pitch Types

  • Pitch Location

  • Hitter Timing on Every Swing

  • Hitter Accuracy on Every Swing

    (Most swings don’t put the ball in play but are important to track!)

Not only are we tracking this new data,

but we now have process-based metrics.

  • Timing

  • Accuracy

  • Bat Control

  • Adjustability

Justin Verlander was the only pitcher in the 2022 MLB Playoffs to have hitters average missing under his off-speed pitches.

His vertical accuracy value on off-speed pitches was -0.36 (hitter miss under) and the league average was 1.5 (over).

Rhys Hoskins was as good as anybody at squaring up pitches at the bottom of the zone during the 2022 MLB Playoffs..

On low pitches, Hoskins' had an accuracy of 0.034 (very slight miss over) while the average was 1.295.

How is your paper chart going to turn into this?

(It isn't.)

Lose Your Clipboards

Using an app has many advantages over paper charts. The data is instantly more functional.

Hitting Approach’s Cloud has a robust stats and analysis offering:

  • Traditional Team Stats

  • Advanced Reporting for Hitters

  • Advanced Reporting for Pitchers

Postgame Reports: Player Communication & Awareness

As soon as a game is completed, each player is emailed their game report showing every pitch they saw and they can provide feedback.

(These questions can even be customized.) 

Players can take notes about what their approach was or what they were trying to feel. This can be incredibly helpful to look back on when a player slumps!

Problem #2: Once You Have this Data, How Do You Deliver Action Plans To the Players??

Pelotero’s core function is turning athlete data into custom plans in seconds.

We do this to create player results to help each athlete perform better so they can help their team win.

Now we integrate your players’ game data from Hitting Approach into their player programs. 

In-Season vs Off-Season

The Off-Season has a 4-Week Test/Retest Model

The In-Season requires immediate feedback.

Pelotero takes in your game data from Hitting Approach so you can build player programs in seconds.

Stack Your Tech

Combine your game data with other data to make your player programs more robust.

Use swing sensors or our camera-based motion capture, powered by 3MotionAI, which can be used with game video for our automated video analysis.

Did we mention this is included?

(This is a $500 value.)

Ready to Get Started?

(For High School Programs, your Freshman, JV and Varsity teams are all included in one season.)

Bonus Features

Ongoing Education

We will be doing weekly Zoom calls (recorded) to discuss everything we're learning as the season moves on.

This might be from MLB games or from customer games.

We can't wait to know what the average chase rate is for high school players on breaking balls in 0-2 counts.

Pelotero Events ($1000 Value!)

You’ll get access to Pelotero’s Event Module (soon to be released!) which you can use for tryouts. Capture data at tryouts and have your hitter plans ready for the first practice.

Can you run a camp during Spring Break?

If you get 25 players for $100 each, this entire package will be paid for! You could run multiple camps and help raise money for the program as we all know budgets are never what we’d like them to be.

Weekly Performance Tracking

($500 Value per Player!)

Do you have a student manager?

This is a feature that you can assign to a student manager and they can quickly record important data on a handful of players each day to keep all players current.(If you don’t have a student manager, we have a job description to help you get one!)

An important component of winning is making sure players stay healthy and are performing at peak performance.

Use our in-house player tracking portal where we track important information about the player including:

Weight Tracker

Nutrition Tracker

Sleep Tracker

Stress Tracker

Vertical Jump


Grip Test

We Can't Wait to Work With You!

Nothing would make us happier than stories about players making adjustments to win big games!


In my mind, Pelotero is the greatest tool created for strength coaches. It takes the most tedious part of our job and does it in seconds. It frees up our time to be better coaches and leaders.

Brandon Janecka

True Grind Systems

Pelotero allows me to do all my in-house assessments and programming. I can send people home with plans for how to get better. It has cut down a ton of programming hours and we don't have to get into excel anymore.

Dustin Geiger

Nuclear Baseball Training

The more more actionable data

we have, the better. We're really excited be able to to work alongside of you guys.

Jon Shehan

Millersville University, Hitting Approach

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